Overseas PHD Students Grants

The next opportunity to apply will be for the January 2020 round of grant decisions. The closing date for applications is Monday 6th January 2020 and we will let applicants know the outcome before the end of that month.

The Trustees will consider supporting overseas PhD students from Developing Countries* who find themselves in unforeseeable financial difficulty during the final six months of their course at a UK university. Grants are made towards living costs, not tuition fees, and the typical size of grant offered is £500 - £1,000.


  • Students should be studying for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Preference will be given to those studying subjects having a direct bearing on the development of the applicant's own country. The Trust will not assist students studying religious subjects.
  • Students should be in, or approaching, the final six months of their studies.
  • Preference is given to students under the age of 35.
  • Grants will normally be confined to students who intend to return to their own countries on the completion of their studies.
  • Help from the Trust should not be invoked while financial help is still possible from the applicant's own authorities. There is, however, no objection to the Trust supplementing another award, if that award is limited and is clearly inadequate.
  • Trustees do not provide assistance for undergraduate or other post-graduate degree courses.


The application form is here. Students should complete Part A of the form and pass it to their tutor to complete Part B, which must also be endorsed with an official stamp of the university. The form can be completed on-screen but should be printed out for signing and for the university stamp. Once completed the form should be sent to the Grants Director, either as hard copy by post or as a scanned version by email. Please note that there is not someone in the office every day, so that post requiring a signature on receipt may be delayed. Applications are accepted at any time during the year but Trustees allocate the funding in two tranches. Decisions are made each year after 1st September and 1st January on the applications that have been received by those dates, taking into account each student's timetable for completing their degree. Please note that applications must be submitted by 1st September or 1st January in order to be considered in that round.


You can read the Leche Trustees' full data privacy policy here. In the case of Overseas PhD Student Grants, we hold copies of applications received as both paper and digital copies.

If your application is successful and you receive a grant, we will keep a digital copy of your application and the associated correspondence for audit purposes for six years from the financial year in which the payment was made. The paper copy of your application will be shredded. The charity's auditors may seek to consult a sample of individual grant files in the course of verifying that the charity's financial transactions have been properly carried out. After six years the digital files will be deleted.

If your application is unsuccessful we will not keep a copy of your application once we have let you know the Trustees' decision.

If you are awarded a grant and your country of residence for tax purposes is among those with which the UK has agreed to exchange tax information under the Common Reporting Standard, we ask you as a condition of grant to provide us with the following details: name, date of birth, address in country of residence for tax purposes and Tax Identification Number. The Leche Trust is required to report this information to HMRC on an annual basis. Once the information has been submitted to HMRC we will not keep a copy of it.

To enable us to report on the number of student grant applications processed each year, we keep a summary list, containing no personal information, of the number of applications received and the number and amount of grants awarded.

* List of Developing Countries [Click]